SSU letters are not grounds for carrying out of an unscheduled inspections of SACI

KOPARTNERS successfully defended the client's interests in an administrative dispute with the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine, which decided to conduct an unscheduled inspection based on a letter from the Security Service of Ukraine on detection of violations of architectural and building legislation in the client's activities.

Based on the analysis of the documents that became the grounds for an unscheduled inspection, the attorneys-at-law offered to the client not to allow the SACI representatives to conduct an inspection.

The court, which decision came into force, has confirmed the correctness of the lawyers position. As they have shown that the Security Service of Ukraine has no authority to appoint or demand unscheduled inspections; its letters are informative and are not grounds for the appointment of unscheduled inspections, this in its turn became the basis for cancellation of Orders, Instructions and Resolutions of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine. In general, penalties for the amount of more than UAH 250,000 were canceled.